The using ICT to enhance gender equality

The whole day training on-The using ICT to enhance gender equality under the theme “To treat and respect women equally” is developed to empower and educate young people to acknowledge the advantage of gender equality and how to promote it through ICT’s tool together for social development on 10 June 2017 at UNwomen conference room. This training has facilitated by Monyvann NHEAN. All 20 participants were provided three-option drawing of the picture with gender role (Pilot, Fire Fighter, and Doctor) for self-orientation during the training. 3 participants drew male pilot, firefighter, and doctor, while 17 participants drew female pilot, firefighter, and doctor. They divided into three groups to identify the term of “Sex and Gender” mean through drawing the female and male picture in each group and they were enabled to present in a big group. They continued to brainstorm with the question “Do you think there is gender inequality in the world?” then they have empowered the term of Global Goal #5 – Gender Equality – “Achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls”. #HeforShe Campaign: Get involved in the gender equality issues that matter to you and Gender equality refers to the equal rights, responsibilities, and opportunities of women and men and girls and boys.

Monyvann NHEAN has shared the definition of “Gender vs Sex” and “Gender equality” mean to participants.

A key question was risen on “How can we connect ICT to gender equality”? According to the statistic of Asia Foundation, 2016:

  • 96% of Cambodians claiming to their own phone
  • 48% of Cambodians were found to have at least one smartphone and can access the internet (Facebook)
  • 60% by using the internet is aged between 15 to 26 years old.
  • The three most important reasons:
    • For entertainment purposes (74%)
    • To access news (33%)
    • To access the information (30%)

With that information, participants have embarked the opportunity and enabled to think “how to create some activity which can positively impact to society?”

Ms. Sopheak Hoeun, Social Media Manager at BBC Media Action, M.A. in Mass Media & Political Communication was invited to promote the social media literacy for 1 hours session sharing. She emphasized with what is different between Morals vs Ethics.

Ms. Sopheak Hoeun has shared about the social literacy

  • Morals refer to an individual’s code of behavior base on religious or philosophical principle, Morals define right and wrong in a way that may or may not be rational.
  • Ethics refers to a relational way of deciding what is good for individual or society. A way to choose between competing for moral principle and when there is not a clear right or wrong answer.

Ms. Sotheavy At is the Innovation Lab Manager and Lead Trainer at Development Innovations. She was invited to share the fundamental video capturing through the smartphone. To capture the better video, participants have to have the smartphone or cameras, tripod, microphone. Moreover, they should prepare the plan of video including the purpose of the video, who are their audiences, the concrete message, and the consensus form. She demonstrated the application that available for smartphone both Android and ISO software. And the way to edit the video through the smartphone to participants.

Ms. Sotheavy At has shared about the foundation of video capture and using app smartphone to capture and edit the video.

Participants were divided into 6 groups to work together on how to capture the video in one minute during lunch break then return to present their video for the big group at afternoon.

Before the session end, they informed to the follow-up meeting and the award for top3 on July 1, 2017. Participants were provided the message’s idea to take the video:

  • #Gender Equality #WomenICT #YWLN #VideoSmartphoneTraining
  • Key message:
    • Never shame in being the feminist
    • What is sexism?
    • What is happening when Women participate in economic?
    • How be the idol for the behavior change to the next generation?
    • To treat and respect women equally
    • To speak up for your sister’s right
    • Keep calm and self-motivation to continue to study.
    • How to use ICT for gender equality?

9 female participants attended this follow the meeting.  Top 3 has been selected by 3 juries. Their videos have been promoted through the Facebook page and also Youtube’s channel of YWLN.

Top 3’s Name and position

  • #1: Ms. Pol Maneth, Project Officer, and Facilitator at SHEInvestments





  • #2: Ms. Say Lalis, is year 3 student of department Media and communication/RUPP.




  • #3: Mr. Soy Dararoth MCR Operator at CNC TV Channel



9 female participants have been continued to educate about Gender Equality and learn how to think out of the box which is social norm and gender.  The design the mind-map for taking the video has been an orientation on 1st July 2017, one-morning session at UNwomen conference room.

They have been encouraged to continue to produce the video and feel proud with their works.

Expression from participants:

  • ” We can use the smartphone in multiple functions besides, selfie our photo then upload into Facebook account, right now we can you use it for sharing and contribute our ideas into public audiences”. They can use it for promoted gender equality and gender development in Cambodia. Two more female participants said that it was the first time for them to participate and they can understand not only gender equality mean but also use the smartphone to take video. Then understanding how to combine into the video.
  • I can understand clearly about the term “Sex and Gender” and the relation of Gender equality. Moreover, I can learn how to capture the video which I have never experience before. I wish this training could continue to organize.
  • The men should be invited to join this training, especially they should be empowered about the term “Gender Equality” mean.



*** The last video has been edited by smartphone through using the mobile app.

The local news has been public our small scale activities: