Voice of Young Women’s Leadership

Young Women’s Leadership Network will organize the 5 discussions on Women and Political, Women and Leadership, Man in participation to improve women right, Women and Social work and being a role modal, Women and Land right.

This program was supported by FRIDA.

The purpose of discussion is aim to promote and encourage voice of young women to be a role model of leader, social work participation, understanding on land right and benefit of political participation.

They will be on air for 5 times at weekend. From 2:00-3:00 PM.

  1. Women in Political, Saturday 15th August 2015
  2. Women and Leadership Sunday 16th August 2015
  3. Man in participation to improve women right 22nd August 2015
  4. Women and Social work and being a role modal 23rd August 2015
  5. Women and Land right 29th August 2015



Sanitation for kids

Last small grant team led by Ms. Veng Chhenghour and two subordination, Ms. Pov Davy and Meas Sonida was held on  20th June at 2pm on “Sanitation for kids” at Ackphewat Thmei community, Tro Lork Bek behind Royal University of Phnom Penh. The funded supported by FRIDA through Young Women’s Leadership Network.

The purpose of leading this event to the kids, because of urban poor kids are living in lack of Sanitation in poor community.

Urban poor children will become vulnerable people in urban slum community in Phnom Penh in the future. Health and sanitation should be considered first.

Because of kid’s parents are busy working, 18 kids were invited to teach on brush the teeth, washing hair and take the shower in community, furthermore bring them be confident on sanitation.

Ms. Veng Chhenghour

Ms. Veng Chhenghour , is working at Equity Cambodia and 3 year student at Panhasatra University, Environment subject. She and her friends take initiative led this activity in slum community.

Ms. Meas sonita

Ms. Meas Sonita, is a member of group in leading this activities, she is studying at grad 8, Santo mok high school.

Pov Davy

Pov Davy, used to study accountant at Vannda institute, she is also a member of group in leading sanitation activities in slum community.


Ackphewat Thmei community

Ackphewat Thmei community, Tro Lork Bek behind Royal University of Phnom Penh.


Laugh of Children

Over 70 students were participated on Laugh of Children, organized by Cambodia Children and Young People Network on 14 June 2015 at Preak Roka primary school, Roka commune, Kandal Stung district, Kandal provinces, from 7:00 AM to 11:00 AM. The purpose of activity: Create and empowere on Children’s Right to children at commune. Project funded by FRIDA through Young Women’s Leadership Network (YWLN), 70% of students from primary 30% of students from Roka Club and communities. 60% of students are young girls. Mr. Nov Vat, Roka Commune counselor, Ms. Chan Chariya, a primary teacher, and a librarian were invited into the event. The organizers tried to bring up question and answer, color painting competition and poem about children’s right in this event.

The organizers shared on children’s right to student and get feedback from them.


Mr. Nov Vat, Roka Commune counselor , a primary teacher, Ms. Chan Chariya and a librarian were invited to the event, on Laugh of Children, organized by Cambodia Children and Young People Network on 14 June 2015 at Preak Roka primary school, Roka commune, Kandal Stung district, Kandal provinces.

At the same time, Ms. Chan Chariya, is teaching at grad 2 at Preak Roka primary school was asked to give feedback on the event, she said that this is a good opportunity that young organizers’s team organized this event and also shared a history of Children’s right day to students; they are brave in sharing and facilitation.

Mr. Nov Vat Commune counselor at Prek Ro Ka commune, he realized on genocide on  children at Germany, Nazi region, children should be ended all form of discrimination and violence against children, this event is good because it can bring children understand and because of children is our future generation.



Young girl’s name is Chanthon Srey Norng, 14 years old, she is studying at grad 7 at Prek Roka secondary. In the color painting competition she won award on top score. She said that this is her first time to participate in this event and this is great event because she can understand on main children’s right such as Protection, Participation and Development, Survival right and in the future, she wants to be a teacher at primary Prekra so she will try to study.


Young boy’s name is Mern vuthy, 13 years old, he is studying at IMG_20150614_091356grad 6, at Preak Roka primary school. In the color painting competition he won award on second top score. This is the second time of his participation in the same event, he understood on children’s right, special on history 1 June 1950 the genocide at Germany and 2nd World War. Good children will not provoke violence and nondiscrimination with other children, all human was born in the same right, In the future he want to be a English teacher at his village, he realized that become a English teacher, he must try to study English and he committed to change his attitude after attended this event he want to help other people through transfer knowledge to other people.



Young boy’s name is Thorn Thearith, 13 years old, he is studying at grad 6 and at Preak Roka Primary school, he enjoyed and understood on paint and drawing pictures, he also said through organizer tried to share information on annual celebration on 1st June is reminding on Children’s Right Day, and he commit to change attitude after participated in this event, moreover he will educate other people on human are equal right, in future he wants to be a architecture.





Young boy’s name is Sinith Sina, 12 years old, he is studying at grad 5, after participated he can protection and himself, also other friend and Cambodia’s country, this is 3 time of his participation in the same event, but he gain new knowledge on Khmer rouge  region, children were genocide and forced to work in young age, and furthermore they cannot access to education.  His father name Sorn Sinith, Chheng Srey Srey Pich, they are farmers, in the future he want to be a doctor.




Young girl’s name is Keo Vanndoern, 13 years old, she is studying at grad 6, at Preak Roka primary school, this is the first time for her in participation, she also wish the group has other event and she would love to participate. Moreover she learnt more on children’s right, so she can protect her friends and she dares explanation to people on children right, in the future she want to be a primary teacher at her commune because she wants to empower next generation.


Reflection with organizing:

Cambodia children and young people network is working on children right, has 16 clubs at Kandal Stung commune and they work as network. There are 5 teams were divided such as Document and Information, Fund Rising, Membership, Development and Program. Main activity focuses on youth capacity building, creating new opportunity for new members and learns each other, their group was registration at Ministry of interior; they also have board adviser.


Cambodia children and young people network was reflection with SamAth Ouk and Monyvann Nhean, the member of YWLN. on 14 June 2015.

This is their commitment in working for their commune, so they spent their own money and gasoline for gathering and discussion on activities, but some time they are difficult to meet each other because of time constrain and the schedule is conflict, however they still solve the problem through their commitment.

SamAth asked them on how to link women right and feminist to the event? And how they contribute it? They said this is new for them for linking women’s right because in normal practical, they always teach child right, but no matter how the program they divided 2 groups focused on women right relate decision and working and we try to link them together.  Furthermore program has a project called daughter project relate with advocacy and dissemination on women and child right.


Students and children were allowed to color painting competition on laugh of children on 14 June 2015 at Preak Roka primary, Roka commune, Kandal Stung district, Kandal province.

Through discussion after finished the event between YWLN’s members and Cambodia children and young people network said that small grand is good, it didn’t complicate to apply and furthermore it created opportunity for them in accessing and implement it directly. The grant also was empowerment and brought them understood on event organizing and working as team, in additional they gained and raised more ideas from many people about these activities with merge initiative ideas into practical.

Since submit application and until end the project: it is hard but it is keep as learning and they also divide role and responsible to organize the event to reach successful, so they realized will improve and creative new initiative idea.

On organize this event, they also tried to fund raising from enterprise, and pagoda, in the result, they supported 10 boxes of Vital fresh water, 160,000 riel supported from Pagoda (Kandal Strung commune), Ly Ly biscuit-local business enterprise and individual donor.

Challenge in the event:


In planning they invited only 30 students but kids participated were more than expectation, and they had refreshment limitation, moreover facilitate many kids is difficult but 90% of them can understand and replied the question related with children’s right.

Why choose child right to implement in the event? : They want to review on child right, because their main activity is working on child right and they want to work on children.


Young Generation won 5 grant from YWLN

Finally we got 5 grantee who had initiative idea and passionate in contribute positive change for Society. This is the first youth small grant project that designed by YWLN funded by FRIDA. The 5 grantee will use the budget to implement their project that lead by young women team leader of the group. Below is the scheduled of each grantee project activities plans:
1. On 6-7 June, 2015 Afternoon: The project named “Solidarity Gardening” they will mobilized youth in community bring used water bottle for grow vegetable and flower. For more information please contact to project leader Miss. Sok Kimmey at 010 61 32 38
2. On 7th June, 2015 Morning: The project named “Hygiene Living of Kids” they will provide peer education about hygiene in daily life to kids and young people in community. Contact to Miss. Meung Sok Sreychan at 086 32 17 74
3. On 13th June, 2015 Morning: The project named “Promote Education on Women and Child” They will organized mini training and other fun activities. Contact to Miss. Rai Marina at 070 790463.
4. On 14th June, 2015 Morning: The project named “Joyful Kids” they will lead the event to provide the space for young people in community to join discussion including drawing and question and answer session related to the International Children Day ect. Please contact to team leader Miss. Phom Sreytoch at 096 790 6596
5. On 14th June, 2015 Afternoon: The project named “Hygiene Education” The team will teach the kids brush their teeth, taking shower, cut their nail, ect. For more information please call to Miss. Veng Chenghour at 078 695459
If you have time i hope you can go to join them. Thanks and Have a nice day!!

“Women Issues and ASEAN”

This is the 4th Feminist Talk under the Topic “Women Issues and ASEAN” which will be held on Saturday Morning 23rd from 8am-11:30am at Open Institute (House 8 Street 352, Sangkat Boeng Keng Kang 1, Khan Chamkarmorn, Phnom Penh- http://open.org.kh/en/contact-us#.VV28x0ZqL20).

It is very special feminist talk that H.E. Mu Sochua, the Parliamentarian who just back from ASEAN People Forum in Malaysia, she will be the guest speaker and commit to share experience and empower knowledge to youth specially young women.

Objectives of  the 4th Feminist talk:

1. Participants especially young women will understand about ASEAN  Economic Community 2015 and know what they need to prepare to be ready for the ASEC 2015
2. Participants can elaborate on how they are important as feminists in ASEAN
3. Participants have a common understanding important of feminists and build together a strong message to promoting ASEAN women to be leaders.

So, We hope you will take your free time to join this important Talk to learn and share our concerns around ASEAN and Women Issues and as Cambodian Young Women, what should we do for ASEAN Integration?.

Welcome all of youth participation in this feminist talk.



Fund raising for rebuilding Phom Krasang primary school Campaign

This is the second year of fund raising for supporting education in Cambodia, YWLN in collaboration with Khmer Alliance Foundation (USA), French Student Association (French) and Foundation for Cambodia Development(FCD) are seeking local fund raising to rebuild old Phum Krasaing Primary School  within two rooms at Krasaing Village,  Snuol commune, Snoul district, Kratie  Province. It is about 250 km from Phnom Penh. In the planing, the building within 3 rooms and two toilets will start building on September 2015.

This activity was initiative  by Khmer Alliance Foundation (USA), French Student Association (French).

French Student Association (French) has 10,000 US$

PEANGA USA has 6,000 US$

Khmer Alliance Foundation (USA) will organize fund raising at 12,000 US$,

so YWLN need donation from local individual around 4, 000 US$.

For Furthermore information:

Tel: 855-96 39 93 774

Email: newwaves.cam@gmail.com

update of announcement

Call for small grant

YWLN, would like to call for small grant to young people with new innovative ideas and activities to make positive change in community for Cambodia social development. 240,000 riel (60$) will be provided to 5 groups winner only.

The small grant start accept form from 8th to 25 May 2015.


  • Group member must have a least 3 people (should include women and children and specially women in leading).
  • Members must age from 15 to 30 years.
  • New initiative and Innovative idea to develop social.
  • Volunteering to your community and society.
  • Commitment and time management for your project.
  • Implement project from 1st to 15 June 2015.

For more information please call to: 012 382 402/092 904 575 or email to: rossothida@gmail.com/ y_chendai@yahoo.com

Application form is avalible here: Application-form-for-small-grant-project

Organized by Young Women’s Leadership Network (YWLN).

Funded: FRIDA.