Small grant phase II

Small grant phase II is an activity among of 3-main activities of Young Women’s Leadership Network (YWLN) that we are implementing in 2016 which funded from FRIDA. The purpose of organizing the small grant, we want to be a part of treasure in our society by encourage youth, especially young women can be main potential in leading the project. And we want to create the opportunity for the young generation by improving their soft skill through the real practical works.

4 issues were raised about Women’s Right, Political, Economic and Environment and agreed to set up as the topics and criteria of small grants, therefore the group of grantees who are interested and have their own initiative ideas to develop their community are invited to apply. They just send their application form via write the small proposal in Khmer language to us. The 5 grantees who were been successful selecting by YWLN’s team, then they will be provided 600,000 Riel (US$ 150) that each group will start implementing in February 2016. The process of selecting base on voting to the fresh idea for community development, commitment, have at least 5 members in group and willing participation to the final meeting and deeply detail presentation on their project.


We started announcing our small grant phase II via design the poster in Khmer language and upload into our main page facebook since December 11, 2015 until January 29, 2016. There were 11 groups from diversity who were interested and submitted their proposal to our main contact. Each group are students from university and LBT network.


ការលើកកំពស់សេដ្ឋកិច្ច​ និង​បរិស្ថាន (Representative of Improving of the economic and environment presented their activities at the final meeting on 4th Feb 2016 at Rambo Juice)


វេទិការសម្លេងក្មេងស្រីដើម្បីការផ្លាស់ប្តូរ (A representative of Girls ‘voice forum for changing was invited to present their activities on 4th Feb 2016 at Rambo Juice)

The winner groups list below:

Name​ of groups Summary activities

(Hygiene & Sanitation for health)

The group will implement their project at Chhung Ek community about Hygiene & Sanitation which focus on educate and raising awareness to little kids who had been living for many years in the rubbish dumps with their poorest family.

(Girls ‘voice forum for changing)

The Group will focus on children’s right through empowering the parents, commune counselors and teachers at Takeo Province.

Moreover, they want to see the community can encourage and give opportunity to young students on the right of expression, can make their own decision and be confident to work for community development especially on gender equality.

ស្រ្តីកម្ពុជា និងជម្រើស

(Cambodian women and choise)

The mentoring program will be organized and educated to young girls who will continue to choose the subject for Higher education in University.

They want to empower young women can make their own decision to choose subject that they are going to continue to study in their future.  The small grant will implement at Kandal province.


អនាគតយុវជនកម្ពុជាអាស៊ាន (CamASEAN)

(CamASEAN-LBT football-Kampong Chhnang)

Because women are not treat well in society, specially related with the sport sector, a group of young women are trying to promoting and encourage other young women to participation and be the female footballer (female soccer).

They are interested to request the small grants for buying the equipment and material within the main objective to be a play role of young women and LBT to present to society that women can play the sport. Moreover, they want to announce to society that women and LBT have equal right in playing the sport.

The football match for end all form of discrimination LBT and women which will be held at Kampong Chhnang province.

 ការលើកកំពស់សេដ្ឋកិច្ច​ និង​បរិស្ថាន

(Improving of the economic and environment)

Benefit of group is working for community through creating opportunity work and family income. Organic vegetable planning, small business, recycling product will be promoted to 2 slum communities who live at sewage canal community and rail way community.

They strongly believe that base on their sustainable environment and economic idea will bring family economic is getting better in the future.

This is a long vision in the future via carrying the community live in hygiene and sanitation and can earn money via recycling product and organic vegetable.


Group photo at the final of presentation on 4th Feb 2016 at Rambo Juice

Our members were interviewed via Radio Free Asia:





“Meditation for everyone”

About 16 Days campaign:

The 16 Days campaign are the Activist’s day which is working for elimination all form of violence against women. This is a global campaign to make a declaration in public for women’s rights since in 1991. It runs annually from 25th November and continues until 10th December that is International Human Right day. The campaign aims to promote gender equality, especially for women’s participation in all sectors, within families and nationally and globally. 16 days campaign is the International Day for End Violence against Women and girls (EWAW), to raise awareness to public audiences, and to understand that any form of violence against women and girls are a human right abuse.


Violence against women is a main issue in Cambodia, and many sectors including Government have ordered for it to be urgently solved in Cambodia, it was divided in four parts: physical, mental, sexual and economic violence. Violence against women is widespread. According to the MOWA survey in 2009, despite the law enforcement adopted and approved since 2005, 22.5% of married women experienced violence at home, and up to 89% did not report it. Women continue to face obstacles to accessing justice.

Culture norm, social stereotype and code of conduct that is called “Chbab Srey”, which is used to describe how a woman is expected to behave. This expectation comes from an old ideology formed by a group of men, which blocked women’s voices and their participation in the public life. Furthermore, Patriarchy concept divided gender, men are recognized as precious gold and women as white fabric, when the gold drops into mud it was still bright but for the white fabric was stain forever. Domestic violence is generally provoked by men due to their mindset, being illiterate, lack of information, poor, angry and drunk. Moreover, social norm taught from generation to generation has been to ignore other families affair. Therefore when domestic violence happened in their community, there were lack of intervention from the neighborhood, community leader or local authority, because of their wrong perception. A domestic violence case which happened in Kampong Cham province in early December 2015, killed 4 family members, wife, mother in law and two little girls. But the murderer decided to commit suicide. The domestic crime left only the father in law alive, who was left seriously injured. The the local news didn’t mention the root cause of violence in deep detail.

Buddhism and mediation:

Meditation is recognized worldwide which is well-known as the tool for patient mind. The benefits of it are huge. Many successful people practice it by the primary focus on breathing in and out and throughout deep concentration of the mind. The goal of meditation is maintaining mind, keep calm, not using violence, accepting, stress management and empathy. According to the Meditation website, ‘‘Meditation has been around for thousands of years. Evidence of the practice can be found throughout history in many different religions and many different places in the world”[1]



Buddhism is head of Cambodia state, Wikipedia is currently estimated 95% of Cambodia population are be the faith of Buddhism[2]. The religion has entered to Sovannaphum land ‘gold of the land’  since at least the 5th century, and in its earlier form was a type of Mahāyāna Buddhism and Theravada Buddhism which has been the Cambodian state religion since the 13th century (with the exception of the Khmer Rouge period). Buddhism advises to all people irrespective of race, nationality, caste, sexuality, or gender. Through meditation is part of Buddhism which is called “Samatic/Vipasana” in Khmer word. It enable people to realize and use its teachings in order to transform their understanding into the real lives. Non violence, forgiveness, honesty, refrain from insulting and hurting others, kindness, and wisdom are the path which ultimately culminates in Enlightenment.


Young Women Leaders’ Network (YWLN) wants to see women involved in social development and advocacy in order to have positive change and positive social development. According to Cambodia, as people of Buddhism faith, we believe that only religion and meditation can shape people’s mind by keeping calm and bringing out the peace for family and social via raising awareness through event gathering and social media. Funding supported by FRIDA.

To celebrate the 16 days campaign, we will organize a meditation class, which we welcome 15 participants to join meditation. Additionally, we will record video and sharing through social media.

Objective: Young people understand benefit of mediation and continue to spread out the concept of meditation and practice to end all form of violence against women.

Event detail:

Date: 19th December 2015
Time: 5:00 to 6:30 PM
Venue: #6B street 402, Sangkat Toul Svay prey I, Khan Chamkormon, Phnom Penh


Through mediation gathering and sharing we believe that successful Buddhist and meditators can guide a person to be calm, non-violence using, be respectful, use forgiveness, honesty and empathy. The same as Human right concepts, these concepts are going to shape people’s mind and emotions to find the right path. Specifically, meditation is part of leadership concept which will bring wisdom and harmony to society.



Voice of Young Women’s Leadership

Young Women’s Leadership Network will organize the 5 discussions on Women and Political, Women and Leadership, Man in participation to improve women right, Women and Social work and being a role modal, Women and Land right.

This program was supported by FRIDA.

The purpose of discussion is aim to promote and encourage voice of young women to be a role model of leader, social work participation, understanding on land right and benefit of political participation.

They will be on air for 5 times at weekend. From 2:00-3:00 PM.

  1. Women in Political, Saturday 15th August 2015
  2. Women and Leadership Sunday 16th August 2015
  3. Man in participation to improve women right 22nd August 2015
  4. Women and Social work and being a role modal 23rd August 2015
  5. Women and Land right 29th August 2015


Young Generation won 5 grant from YWLN

Finally we got 5 grantee who had initiative idea and passionate in contribute positive change for Society. This is the first youth small grant project that designed by YWLN funded by FRIDA. The 5 grantee will use the budget to implement their project that lead by young women team leader of the group. Below is the scheduled of each grantee project activities plans:
1. On 6-7 June, 2015 Afternoon: The project named “Solidarity Gardening” they will mobilized youth in community bring used water bottle for grow vegetable and flower. For more information please contact to project leader Miss. Sok Kimmey at 010 61 32 38
2. On 7th June, 2015 Morning: The project named “Hygiene Living of Kids” they will provide peer education about hygiene in daily life to kids and young people in community. Contact to Miss. Meung Sok Sreychan at 086 32 17 74
3. On 13th June, 2015 Morning: The project named “Promote Education on Women and Child” They will organized mini training and other fun activities. Contact to Miss. Rai Marina at 070 790463.
4. On 14th June, 2015 Morning: The project named “Joyful Kids” they will lead the event to provide the space for young people in community to join discussion including drawing and question and answer session related to the International Children Day ect. Please contact to team leader Miss. Phom Sreytoch at 096 790 6596
5. On 14th June, 2015 Afternoon: The project named “Hygiene Education” The team will teach the kids brush their teeth, taking shower, cut their nail, ect. For more information please call to Miss. Veng Chenghour at 078 695459
If you have time i hope you can go to join them. Thanks and Have a nice day!!

Fund raising for rebuilding Phom Krasang primary school Campaign

This is the second year of fund raising for supporting education in Cambodia, YWLN in collaboration with Khmer Alliance Foundation (USA), French Student Association (French) and Foundation for Cambodia Development(FCD) are seeking local fund raising to rebuild old Phum Krasaing Primary School  within two rooms at Krasaing Village,  Snuol commune, Snoul district, Kratie  Province. It is about 250 km from Phnom Penh. In the planing, the building within 3 rooms and two toilets will start building on September 2015.

This activity was initiative  by Khmer Alliance Foundation (USA), French Student Association (French).

French Student Association (French) has 10,000 US$

PEANGA USA has 6,000 US$

Khmer Alliance Foundation (USA) will organize fund raising at 12,000 US$,

so YWLN need donation from local individual around 4, 000 US$.

For Furthermore information:

Tel: 855-96 39 93 774


update of announcement

Call for small grant

YWLN, would like to call for small grant to young people with new innovative ideas and activities to make positive change in community for Cambodia social development. 240,000 riel (60$) will be provided to 5 groups winner only.

The small grant start accept form from 8th to 25 May 2015.


  • Group member must have a least 3 people (should include women and children and specially women in leading).
  • Members must age from 15 to 30 years.
  • New initiative and Innovative idea to develop social.
  • Volunteering to your community and society.
  • Commitment and time management for your project.
  • Implement project from 1st to 15 June 2015.

For more information please call to: 012 382 402/092 904 575 or email to:

Application form is avalible here: Application-form-for-small-grant-project

Organized by Young Women’s Leadership Network (YWLN).

Funded: FRIDA.


Are you interested to be video producer?

We would like to inform you that Meta House is approaching YWLN to be involved with their media project (documentary and exhibition). It is about Cambodia’s economy in the last forty years FROM 1975 – 2015 FROM COMMUNISM TO FREE-MARKET ECONOMY The course of this project, the students/participants will lead video-recorded interviews with 10 important figureheads of the Cambodian economic sector – from governmental and institutional representatives to business owners. The course will take around 3 months from Monday the 30th March to June (it is one or two days per week).

The criteria, they are looking for:
• Cambodian students and universities to join the project
• Page 20 – 25 years old
• Background or knowledge of Economics, Media, Photography
Cambodia lacks of this resource, please encourage our young women to take this opportunity.
Please feel free to contact our team if you have any questions. You can drop any question here or you can reach our team at 010 730 685.