Listen to the Photo’s voice “ស្តាប់​សម្លេង​នៃ​រូបថត”

The Young Women Leadership Network (YWLN) organized two hour event on the evening of September 23rd to showcase the 10 winning photographs from our photo Contest, known as “Photo’s Voice.” YWLN has three main activities this year, including the “Photo‘s Voice” contest along with a forum theatre and a small grant project. FRIDA, Young Feminist Fund, is YWLN financial support making our three projects in 2016 possible.

Objective of Photo’s Voice: 

  • To reflect on the important work of women’s participation to make an improvement in the economic, health and environmental sectors in society.
  •  To create the opportunities for youth, especially young women to show the importance of women participating in economic, health and environmental sectors in Cambodia.

The photo’s voice started to announce since 24 July 2016 to 13 August 2016 through our facebook page. 50 candidates are age from 15 to 25 years old which enabled to register and join this competition. However there were only 21 candidates who sent their photos with description to join this competition. Finally, merely top-ten photo of candidates were selected to display at Bophana Center.

3-profession photographers (one female and two males) were invited to be our juries. Their background are the professional photographer and photography teaching at a media university, a former of professional photography teaching and a communication officer at an organization.The process of evaluation in each photo was prepared through giving the code to replac the candidate’s name before sending to juries. All evaluation and coring from Juries were combined for finding the first, second and third winner.

This photo exhibit, made possible through collaboration with Bophana Center and SPK, enables each photographer to speak out with their photography and each photo’s description to respond to the current social situations in Cambodia. The event – “Photo contest’s exhibition of Photo’s Voice” – begins Friday evening on 23rd September 2016 from 6:30 to 8:00 pm and there were over 40 participants attended this event.



In launching event, Ms.Kazumi, a Bophana-communication officer gave her first impression on this event that the photo’s voice exhibition is the part of audio heritage of Cambodia for today and tomorrow.



Ms. Nhean Monyvann, a representative  YWLN presented about her expression in this photo’s voice that YWLN is diversity background and this is her volunteer work beside her main job. She and team lead activity because they want to enable the opportunity to Cambodian youth to support and work for women and society.


Mr. Sovan Pilong, a former-professional teacher of photography at French Institute and one of our juries presented and spent his precious time to support this activity since it started until at the end, expressed in the launching event that according to judgement experience he can spend 15 mn to evaluation and score on each photo. However, every single photo was judge by heart and empathy.


Award #1: Ms. SO TITHYA, 22 years old said that she tried to send her photo to many competition programs, yet she was failed and she has never gave up her dream. In this events she expressed that there are more male doctors and nurse than female doctors and nurse in health sector, so her voice in her photo is to”…present about the potential women and the essential role of youth in health sector to support the society and community…”.






សូមទាញយកអត្ថបទរបស់សម្លេងនៃរូបថតទាំង១០ ជាភាសារខ្មែរ៖ booklet_kh_22092916

Please download the photo’s voice of top-ten description in English:booklet_en_22092916


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