“Meditation for everyone”

About 16 Days campaign:

The 16 Days campaign are the Activist’s day which is working for elimination all form of violence against women. This is a global campaign to make a declaration in public for women’s rights since in 1991. It runs annually from 25th November and continues until 10th December that is International Human Right day. The campaign aims to promote gender equality, especially for women’s participation in all sectors, within families and nationally and globally. 16 days campaign is the International Day for End Violence against Women and girls (EWAW), to raise awareness to public audiences, and to understand that any form of violence against women and girls are a human right abuse.


Violence against women is a main issue in Cambodia, and many sectors including Government have ordered for it to be urgently solved in Cambodia, it was divided in four parts: physical, mental, sexual and economic violence. Violence against women is widespread. According to the MOWA survey in 2009, despite the law enforcement adopted and approved since 2005, 22.5% of married women experienced violence at home, and up to 89% did not report it. Women continue to face obstacles to accessing justice.

Culture norm, social stereotype and code of conduct that is called “Chbab Srey”, which is used to describe how a woman is expected to behave. This expectation comes from an old ideology formed by a group of men, which blocked women’s voices and their participation in the public life. Furthermore, Patriarchy concept divided gender, men are recognized as precious gold and women as white fabric, when the gold drops into mud it was still bright but for the white fabric was stain forever. Domestic violence is generally provoked by men due to their mindset, being illiterate, lack of information, poor, angry and drunk. Moreover, social norm taught from generation to generation has been to ignore other families affair. Therefore when domestic violence happened in their community, there were lack of intervention from the neighborhood, community leader or local authority, because of their wrong perception. A domestic violence case which happened in Kampong Cham province in early December 2015, killed 4 family members, wife, mother in law and two little girls. But the murderer decided to commit suicide. The domestic crime left only the father in law alive, who was left seriously injured. The the local news didn’t mention the root cause of violence in deep detail.

Buddhism and mediation:

Meditation is recognized worldwide which is well-known as the tool for patient mind. The benefits of it are huge. Many successful people practice it by the primary focus on breathing in and out and throughout deep concentration of the mind. The goal of meditation is maintaining mind, keep calm, not using violence, accepting, stress management and empathy. According to the Meditation website, ‘‘Meditation has been around for thousands of years. Evidence of the practice can be found throughout history in many different religions and many different places in the world”[1]



Buddhism is head of Cambodia state, Wikipedia is currently estimated 95% of Cambodia population are be the faith of Buddhism[2]. The religion has entered to Sovannaphum land ‘gold of the land’  since at least the 5th century, and in its earlier form was a type of Mahāyāna Buddhism and Theravada Buddhism which has been the Cambodian state religion since the 13th century (with the exception of the Khmer Rouge period). Buddhism advises to all people irrespective of race, nationality, caste, sexuality, or gender. Through meditation is part of Buddhism which is called “Samatic/Vipasana” in Khmer word. It enable people to realize and use its teachings in order to transform their understanding into the real lives. Non violence, forgiveness, honesty, refrain from insulting and hurting others, kindness, and wisdom are the path which ultimately culminates in Enlightenment.


Young Women Leaders’ Network (YWLN) wants to see women involved in social development and advocacy in order to have positive change and positive social development. According to Cambodia, as people of Buddhism faith, we believe that only religion and meditation can shape people’s mind by keeping calm and bringing out the peace for family and social via raising awareness through event gathering and social media. Funding supported by FRIDA.

To celebrate the 16 days campaign, we will organize a meditation class, which we welcome 15 participants to join meditation. Additionally, we will record video and sharing through social media.

Objective: Young people understand benefit of mediation and continue to spread out the concept of meditation and practice to end all form of violence against women.

Event detail:

Date: 19th December 2015
Time: 5:00 to 6:30 PM
Venue: #6B street 402, Sangkat Toul Svay prey I, Khan Chamkormon, Phnom Penh


Through mediation gathering and sharing we believe that successful Buddhist and meditators can guide a person to be calm, non-violence using, be respectful, use forgiveness, honesty and empathy. The same as Human right concepts, these concepts are going to shape people’s mind and emotions to find the right path. Specifically, meditation is part of leadership concept which will bring wisdom and harmony to society.

[1] http://iml.jou.ufl.edu

[2] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Buddhism_in_Cambodia


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